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  • This is a simple site, intended to provide one purpose - advise on the weather conditions in the Eurobodalla Region of the South Coast of New South Wales.
  • At the moment this works by taking a feed of weather for Broulee each hour (roughly on the hour, but the server time is a little off) and uploads it to this site.
  • Each time you visit the site, it will determine if the conditions are good enough, and then give you a verdict (look at your title in the browser tab) and will also generate an image with the result and temperature.
  • The photos are my photos from around the region and are meant to match the conditions reported (very roughly) so it should be relevant. The image is generated on the fly if you want to use or share it.
  • There's about 30 images in the rotation for the less nice weather and more than 70 for the nice weather. I hope you see those.
  • I'll continue to potter away at updates for this site, so if you have any ideas feel free to contact me on twitter @twofivethreesix or @kaydo
Here's some random photos from the good weather section - refresh for more.
Note: accessed the data from OpenWeatherMap API on October 07 2018 18:03:01.. I usually update ever hour on the hour(ish).